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Keep an active tab on Snapchat despite it not leaving a trail

Snapchat allows you to talk with friends, view and share stories from all over the world and explore news. Now, which teenager would not want to be on Snapchat?

But there is a major downside to Snapchat. The snaps and messages are deleted immediately after viewing making it almost impossible for the parents to keep an active tab on what their child is doing. And every child thinks that Snapchat is safe because the images quickly disappear and there is no log. But leaving no trail becomes a safe-haven for bullies and predators. They can send inappropriate and hateful messages and never be caught.

Although you cannot control Snapchat rules and regulations, you can try to ensure your child is safe on the app by monitoring his Snapchat usage. Our Snapchat tracking feature of Kids tracker’s phone tracking software lets you to:

  • Monitor Snapchat incoming and outgoing text messages remotely even though it disappears immediately.
  • Trace all multimedia files such as photos, videos and so on shared via Snapchat app.
  • Keep track of the date and timestamp of received and sent messages and media. You can also view the video duration and monitor conversations within the app.

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