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Take location tracking to the next level with Kids Tracker

Location Tracking with GEO Fencing

Are you one of the parents who constantly worry where your child is and whether they are in harm’s way? You are not alone. We wish the world was safe enough for kids to explore alone but unfortunately it is not and we cannot be around them all the time to protect them. It is also important to trust your children and give them a certain degree of freedom. This is where Kids Tracker’s location tracking with GPS tracking device comes to your rescue.

This feature seamlessly integrates with any smart phone and lets you know the exact location of your child. You can use our mobile GPS tracker to check their whereabouts when they are going out with their friends or while they travel between home and school.

Take location tracking to the next level with our geofencing feature. Through this technology, you can get alerts when your child enters or leaves a location. You will know when your child reached school or whether he is at a place he is not supposed to be. Geofencing integrates with Google maps to mark safe and unsafe locations. You can customize the feature by adding your specifications as well. Get your personal GPS tracker with geofencing facility that enables you to:

  • View the current whereabouts of your child through GPS on the detailed map.
  • Check their complete route history and movement over a specific time period.
  • View a detailed list of locations including location time, co-ordinates and accuracy.
  • Retrieve their live location consistently every 15 minutes.
  • Add any number of safe and forbidden zones you need to.
  • Get immediate notification when your child enters or leaves a building or a zone.
  • Keep track of when and how often your child visits a zone.

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