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Kidstracker - Legal Disclaimer

The service or software of should only be used for kids, legitimate and lawful purposes by authorized users, and it is hereby notified that installing or using the software or service of for any other purpose may violate local, state, and/or central law. has been designed for ethical monitoring for the parents who wish to monitor their underage children for their safety, security and wellbeing; or for employers who wish to monitor company assets usage during working hours, with a prior written approval, on the company-owned smartphone. The user of the software must own the smartphone, be a legal guardian or must have consent from their employees granting them permission to monitor before they install and activate the software onto the smartphone. software must not be used to stalk, spy, harass, defame, threaten, abuse or prank anyone. software must not be used to monitor the smartphone of a spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, child of or above the age of 18 years, without their prior written consent.

If you attempt to use software to monitor a smartphone that you do not own or do not have appropriate consent to do so by the owner of the smartphone, you may be in serious violation of law and may face legal action. In all such scenarios we will cooperate with the enforcement and legal officials to the fullest extent and may disclose your identity and/or block your access to our services without serving any prior or further notice of the same to you. software does not assume any liability for any misuse or damage caused by our software. It is the responsibility of the user to obey all applicable laws and use software legally, without breaching anyone’s privacy.

YOU are taking full responsibility of using for legal purposes and are not breaking any central or state laws. It is the responsibility of the user of to ascertain, and obey, all applicable laws in regard to the use of It is the final user’s responsibility to follow all the applicable laws and will not be held accountable for any illegal use of the software/service. By downloading and installing, you pledge that bears no responsibility from here on forth.

By purchasing, downloading, installing or activating, you hereby agree to the above.

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